We went International with this interview on my new book, Law of Attraction: For a Magical Reality (40 minutes)


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About The Author & Destiny Catalyst
Michelle Casto, The Destiny Diva, Awakening Guide, Energy Alignment Expert & Transformational Author
Through her practice of Transformational Coaching, Michelle Casto helps people release what’s in the way of fulfilling their greatest Destiny. Michelle combines a unique formula of spiritual guidance, mindset re-setting techniques with an empathic and intuitive heart to help her clients access the self-love, courage and confidence essential to creating life on purpose and with the highest consciousness. Michelle focuses on the heart of the matter and expertly reveals where you may be deceiving yourself and buying into illusions or outdated belief systems to set your Soul free to Succeed. The Goddess has been calling to her most of her life, but it wasn’t until 2006 after her divorce from an emotionally unavailable man, that she was spoken to directly via a poem, entitled ‘A Goddess Awakens’, since that time she has been stepping more into her divine feminine empowerment.

A prolific author, her latest book is The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, available on amazon.com and audio version on audible.com

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