Breakthrough to Greatness
Achieve Success on the One Great Goal that Will Make the Most Difference”

Now is the Time to…. Breakthrough to Greatness
Will You Accept the Challenge?

What would it be like to set aside a specific amount of time to focus on an area of life you would like to shift from not-so-good or “good” to GREAT?

What would become possible?

-More money

-Less stress

-Better relationships

-A new career path

-An improved attitude/mindset….

Are You Ready To Experience a Breakthrough in Your Life?

Imagine your life on the other side of success—where you are have achieved what you want most, living powerfully and dare to believe in yourself confidently.

If you have found that you have gone as far as you can on your own, then this low-cost, home study program will be just the thing you need to achieve your desires.

Gain access to the resources you need to have a breakthrough.
Keep in mind though that t
he things that shift our consciousness make us uncomfortable….so here are two things you absolutely must have:

  1. be willing to open your mind to an easier way of accomplishing what you want out of life
  2. you are ready to be supported in your personal growth process
    If this is you, congratulations are in order, because your life is about to greatly expand.

What You Will Receive from this Home Study Program:

Breakthrough to Greatness Program is designed to empower you to step into your Greater Self and leave your limited self behind! You will have access to powerful self-reflection exercises and learn the key concepts that lead towards building a positive and purposeful attitude. Ideal for those who want to learn at their own pace and create the mindset necessary to break free of mediocrity and step into destiny. This comprehensive program includes a comprehensive ebook that walks you day by day, resources and Success checklist to help you stay on track, plus much more. Your 33 Day challenge starts as soon as you enroll.

  • The Breakthrough to Greatness Ebook & Success Checklist, that will walk you day by day through the course of the challenge (this makes it easy to stay on track) (value of $47)
  • Special emails full of inspiration and “thinking of you” podcasts, resources, concepts and tips for success (priceless)
  • Transformational resources including the Success & Happiness book, Self-Coaching Guide , etc (value of $200+)
  • Access to the Destiny Master series of interviews and learn from the brightest minds on the planet (value of $77)
  • Worksheets and experiential activities designed to move you forward fast and with ease
  • Share your wins and insights on the discussion forum on Bright Michelle’s Facebook page
  • Ask Michelle any two questions and receive personalized e-coaching during your 33 day program (value of $150)
  • other surprises that will assist you with your breakthrough
Total Value is well over $450

Breakthrough to Greatness Challenge is designed to create a total paradigm shift to align with living your life with success and power so you can be and do all the things you have always wanted.

Let my expertise in having a Success Mindset, Personal Transformation, and Coaching empower you to achieve a radical breakthrough in record time!


**** Guidelines: (please read to verify that you qualify to enroll)

  1. You must choose one area of life to focus on.
  2. Have access to email and internet connection.
  3. Must be ready to breakthrough, which means being willing to be supported and challenged through your personal growth process.
  4. Use a daily calendar to mark your progress and successes.
  5. You are ready (like yesterday) for a positive upgrade in your life.

Things are going well. My mindset is astonishingly positive and things really are starting to seem to flow in. Clientele is picking up!!! and other odd and end things are affirming to me that I am manifesting and creating things that I need. I’m getting great ideas and I’m letting myself be noticed more now than before, I’m accepting my greatness and it has been beautiful to allow these things. I appreciate everything you’ve helped me with this far! —Michael M, Healer, Austin, TX

I went through several notebooks this morning – one I made in our work together back in 2002. Can you believe it? 9 years ago!!! Your bright path was clearly evident then and you just keep getting brighter and brighter :) Thank you for illuminating the path for us all Michelle. You are such an example of how when we step fully, completely, radiantly and clearly into our power the heavens open and VA VA VOOM what a glorious sight ! —Susan P, Singer Writer,WA

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→Enroll now and get started on your Breakthrough to Greatness. For a minimal $95 investment you can be on your way to achieving your most important goal that will make the biggest positive difference in your life. Plus you also receive access to me via e-coaching during your 33 day Challenge, so I will be there for you! How Does it Get Better Than That?!

This is going to be Fantastic and FUN! Let’s Go!




You cannot put a price on experiencing a Breakthrough and the satisfaction of success that comes with it.
But you can pay a steep price by letting this opportunity go by—Consider how costly waiting until “someday” is.
Your Breakthrough Day is Today.

You can do this and I can help!


**** We apologize but this special offer is only good for new clients ONLY.


Between saying and doing, there is a large gap.
Those willing to cross that gap, find their greatness.–Bright Michelle