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“Imagine Living the Life You Have Dreamed About and
Reclaiming Your Most Valuable
Treasure, which is the True You, because that is Truly Your Greatest Destiny!”

Am I Really Ready to Discover My True Purpose/Destiny?
Answer these questions Yes or No:

-Do I want to love what I do for a living?
-Do I want to have closer and more loving relationships?
-Have I recently had a “door shut” on me?
-Is there something “more” I would like to experience (may not know what this is)?
-Would I like to live with more fulfillment and fun?

*** If you said Yes to at least 3, you are definitely ready to discover the work of your soul and to live with more passion & purpose. Destiny is calling, will you answer the call?!

Enroll in the Home Study Program and NOW,
PAY WHAT YOU WISH for your Personal Transformation.

My Friend,
Work, love, balance, and fun—that is what LIFE is all about. However many times, one or more of these areas is not flowing the way it could be. Often, the work aspect of life is over-developed and you may find yourself selling your soul for money instead of enjoying the creative freedom that comes from tapping into your unique brilliance, and bringing forth what is within you at your deepest core.

Get the guidance you need to successfully walk Your Path of Purpose. Learn what it takes to earn money for doing what you love and still have plenty of time to enjoy LIFE with your friends & family.

About Your Destiny Guide
During my 15+ years in the professional field of Coaching, I have learned three main things about Human Beings and Work: life and business coach for lightworkers and healers

1. Most people suffer and experience lots of stress due to their J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

This is because they are much bigger than the little job that they are required to do, and it limits their fullest expression.
This leads them to become actively disengaged—they show up in body but not spirit.

2. These same people have unlimited untapped potential and numerous God-given gifts that they have not brought forth to share with the world.

3. A very small percentage (5% or less) are willing to do anything about this, such as read a book, take a seminar or get coaching to help them break free of their self-imposed prison.

Those that are willing…. find their freedom and expand themselves such that they easily fulfill their purpose, and experience much more happiness and life success.

I have worked with thousands of people all over the globe and guided them to their “sacred work” and most inspired life.
I also have written numerous books on the topic, most notably, The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, which receives outstanding reviews. I wanted to develop a more comprehensive and accessible program to include experiential Mentoring elements for people who could not afford to work with me one on one.
You Can Do This and I Can Help.

Receive the Guidance, Clarity, & Direction that will lead you to Your Next Best Step Towards Living On Purpose.

And finally answer those Questions that keep you up at night:
Who Am I?
Why Am I Here?
What is My Purpose?

When you are off purpose, you often feel frustrated, out of balance, and low on passion, energy, and excitement. During the course of your life, you may have missed numerous universal nudges and messages.

You may now think that it is too late to be who you might have been.
You may also believe that it is just too much effort to discover and live your life purpose at this stage of the game.
It’s not true, that is just your fear talking.

The truth as I see it it, is that it is never too late to be who you were born to be and do what you were born to do.

Now is the Time to Discover Your True Destiny
And if not now, When?
Sorry to sound harsh, but realize this:
Not living your destiny is like dying a slow death of regret.

If you are still reading, then you know deep in your heart, that you deserve better than that. That in fact, you are worthy and deserving of loving the life you are living, the work you are doing, and the people you are with to the FULLEST.

Discover My Destiny Now is a Step-by-Step Program to get you from where you are now to where you are meant to be quickly. This process is quite easy when you know the right questions to ask and also have support throughout your personal growth process.
My unique and proprietary home study program based on my book, The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success will shift you from awakening or awareness of IT (Your Purpose) into action.
And Now you can experience this in a home study program format and learn at your own pace. It’s the best of both worlds, what is “teachable” and what you can discover and take action on. It’s almost like you are being coached by me personally.
How Does it Get Any Better Than That?!

soul journey
When you are ready to discover and live your soul purpose (not to be confused with FALSE PURPOSES of default, pseudo, or a personality purpose) a coach familiar with the terrain can get you on the path easier and quicker.

Finally create a meaningful ‘new direction’ that combines all of your unique gifts, lessons, and talents. Learn to manage your inner saboteur and start following your Soul.

Are You Really Ready to Discover Your Destiny?
Say Yes! it’s time to shine my brilliance
What You Will Receive:
Access to the Learning Library chock full of active reflection exercises and actual tools I have used to help thousands of personal coaching clients discover their unique purpose/destiny

The Destiny Discovery Process explained in detail on Six content-rich Mp3′s/modules that walk you through the process from “Awakening to Allowing”….each training includes interactive processes to deepen your personal growth process.

–The Discover Your Destiny Playbook: a (33) day by day guide to follow that will tell you exactly what to do and what you need to know. These are the exercises that did not make it into the book, and having a day by day guide, makes doing the program easy!

Two additional Mp3′s where I discuss what to do when life is falling apart (I have a lot of experience in this part of the awakening process) and how to discover and access your true purpose in life…by seeing the clues that are everywhere.

Powerful Meditations: Sit back and soak in the wisdom as I share the steps you will take to Live your Purpose. 20 minute Destiny Activation process and 10 minute Discover Your Purpose meditation.
Listen and Learn–Podcasts and MP3′s related to answering those soulful questions of “who am I? why am I here?” Again, nothing to read or do, simply listen to the information and inspiration at your convenience….the quickest way to learn.
-I will be holding sacred space for your discovery process throughout the program, this soul-transforming energy alone can produce immediate results in your reality–this is the ‘potent magic’I am known for!
–and more surprises await you…..it is the ultimate treasure hunt, afterall :)
SPECIAL OFFER good until
(recommended investment of $80-$130 )
this is based on your economic conditions and personal commitment to change.
Take Notice:
In fairness to everyone
***Offers that are lower than the reasonable
“reserve amount” will not be approved. So make your “BEST OFFER” to ensure that you are given full access to this life-changing program.


Michelle has done a masterful job at walking the reader step-by-step through the process of becoming aware of and living their unique life purpose. At this critical time in of mass awakening, there is nothing more important than knowing and living your purpose, and this ebook is sure to give you the insights and aha’s that you need easily and quickly.—Jody Billingsly, Artist, Lexington, Kentucky
As I’m reflecting back on where I was and where I’m now – I definitely am way more confident, surrendered, accepting and allowing on my journey now than I was before. All the tools of your Immersion course helped me to much more clearly articulate my career and life goal and now it feels like I got on a much more defined track. This has brought me an immense joy and also a sense of adventure – as if learning to dance again – but much more intricate dance – with my Soul andand being fully me. —A. Kervanbashieva, NY, NY
If you truly want to discover your purpose and passion in life, then I highly recommend Michelle Casto’s book “The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success and her coaching programs, of course. Michelle takes what could be a complicated and difficult thing to do and makes it simple and easy. The exercises are fun, eye opening and will help you quickly and efficiently get to the core of the issue at hand. —Harry E. Shade, Life Coach, Columbus, Ohio
Finding one’s purpose in life is no easy task and for most, never achieved. Through visualization, Michelle helped me on this journey. This of course is on-going refinement but I’m definitely headed in the right direction. Michelle makes rather challenging career changes happen with great ease because her care and concern about the individual. She makes milestones like finding and aligning passion and purpose possible. Her gentle enthusiasm is priceless. —Jared Jenkins, Financial Planner, Philadelphia, PA
I had a huge realization about ‘singing to someone else’s tune’ and being a ‘mockingbird’ that I needed to let go of my association with the people who trained me as a healer…this was something that had been in my mind for a while but I did not have the courage to act on it until now. I realized that I was tired of ‘singing to someone else’s tune’, that I was really feeling the ‘I need to be free’ energy. —Mary Mclernon, Healer, Scotland
My mindset has stayed in “greatness”, which I’ve really been enjoying. The concept seems to open me up to so many more possibilities. My financial situation has shifted some and my businesses have both started to see more clients! Things all around me seem to be shifting to. Opportunities are opening up for me to reassure me that I have the means to make the money that I need to make. The world really is a projection of the mind!!! I’m looking forward to leaving the old me behind completely and I think I’m well on my way.—Michael Meuth, Acupuncturist, Austin, Texas

Why am I offering so much?

For a couple of reasons.

1. Because I am 100% committed to helping as many people discover and live out their life purpose as I can by the end of this year.

2. During the Shift of Consciousness we are in, we each need to be doing what we are called to do, serving those we are meant to serve.

3. Creating a home study program like this reduces the financial investment on your part, thus enabling you to have access to this life-changing material.

Most importantly, it fills me with happiness when I am able to share what I have been given with people like you, who are dedicated to knowing yourself on a deep level.

Summary of What You Receive When You Say Yes!
So to recap, this is what you will receive: A downloadable day by day Discover Your Destiny playbook, soul excavation meditations, Six hours of MP3 recordings of all Six stages of the Destiny Discovery process (explaining what to expect in each stage and how to best navigate), teleseminar recordings of how to move through changes and discover your purpose, a Success Checklist, e-coaching support, plus much more….my intention for your clarity of Purpose

Enroll in the Home Study Program
and receive this incredible bonus:
***E-Mentoring support, where for 30 days after your enroll, you will be able to ask me up to 2 questions to help uncover and clarify your unique purpose. Details will be revealed once you are enrolled. (priceless value)

I’ve made this process easy, accessible and convenient so you can gain the clarity of purpose that you are seeking.

Get Everything + the bonus e-Mentoring
retail price 495

nominal investment of ?
YOU DECIDE what the Transformation is Worth for YOU.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to be mentored by me (at your convenience)
(recommended investment of $80-$130)

***Offers that are lower than the reasonable
“reserve amount” will not be approved. So make your “BEST OFFER” to ensure that you are given full access to this life-changing program.

and you still receive all the resources
that I share with my private clients—that’s how much I want this for YOU!

****IMPORTANT–please read.
Please consider the cost of NOT following your true path in life—the negative impact that has on your health, wealth, and relationships. Studies show that knowing Your Definite Purpose increases happiness, love, and prosperity!

Special Offer for New Clients Only.

To Your Destiny,



Discover My Destiny is our most popular self-study course offered by Destiny Academy, a soul-growing
online learning program. You can also check out the Journey to Acceptance.

Destiny Academy is for those who are committed to an authentic life, one that honors their highest possibilities and wildest dreams!
Course completion may lead you to not just a better job, but it will bring you one step closer to your own unique true-path.



You deserve to invest in yourself and receive the guidance you need to get on Your Path of Purpose.
After all, there is no greater gift you can give to yourself than knowing why you are here and how you can help.

P .S.S-
Refuse to give in to the resistance and resignation you may feel and trust that you can discover the right path….take the leap of faith and prosper in life.