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Achieve a Business Breakthough in 90 minutes?

Yes, in just 90 minutes, I will help walk you through your House of Business and perform a very thorough Inspection, so that you will be able to see where you may be leaking profits and wasting precious time and energy.

You will also become crystal clear on what areas you need to fix, renovate, or upgrade, which will make it easy to move forward at lightspeed.
You will also receive affirmation on what is WORKING.



Dear Soul Entrepreneur,

Your journey first started out as an inspirational idea, but then you quickly realized that there is so much more “busy-ness” involved in running your dream business than you prepared for, right?

You may be nearing the burn-out stage.

You may be feeling:

-overwhelmed with so many options that you just float from one idea to another hoping one will work.

-like you are wasting so much time on things that don’t work but are confused and uncertain about next steps or a new direction.

-thinking that ”this is too hard” and “I just don’t have what it takes to be successful.

You can shift these doubts in minutes with the guidance of a professional mentor.

Don’t Stop 3 Feet From Gold.

See What Move to Make Next For Success with this Mentoring in the Moment Session.

I understand because I have been there. Having moved past the feelings of frustration to the feeling of fulfillment, I know exactly what to do to help you.

There is something magical that happens when you break through from whatever has been holding you back. For many, it is not having a simple plan for success.
A plan outlines steps to take that will produce success. And when you have a plan, you gain clarity, confidence, & sales.

And making a plan is easy when you have a process that yields your UNIQUE SUCCESS BLUEPRINT.

This is what I specialize in, helping you come up with a plan of success that matches who you are and that is right for your business.

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Because you may not need the premiere coaching program, Virtual Business Brilliance, here is a low cost alternative that brings instant clarity and focus like you have never had before.

Virtual Business Inspection & Break-through Session Includes:

90 minute business mentoring with Michelle


Personalized Blueprint for your business success +

Virtual Business Visibility Audit &

Virtual Business Success Checklist


The VB audit is designed to reveal where you need to spend more time promoting yourself on line.

The VB checklist is an amazingly effective tool to ensure you are doing the right things at the right time to achieve maximum effect.

Investment of $495






Here what my clients have to say:

“After you took me through the Soul Alignment Technique, I felt an incredible shift in my energy. I woke up the next day more focused and on my purpose than I had been in months. Since then, people who align with my vision have come out of nowhere. My new business increased 300% that week alone. Business owners can sometimes feel like they are going in circles in their business, your work can help them get back on the track of success swiftly and effortlessly. You are a bright light to the virtual business world!”

Debra Berndt, The Love Hypnotist –


life transformation teacher and author“My consciousness and thinking has shifted so much and I realize I have a lot to learn in how to create a way to present myself and my products more effectively to my clients. With your guidance, I was able to become much clearer on what my brand is and what I stand for in the field of transformation.”

—Neeraj Sabharwal, Author



“Michelle led me step by step through what to me was an overwhelming amount of information to process. However, with her guidance and support, it was easy for me to see what I needed to focus on. I also learned what I could let go of, how to hire out for many tasks, and how to take back my personal quality time. I now feel in charge of my business instead of my business “running me.” Bobbi Sims, Professional Speaker,


So take action Now, because Now is your point of highest power.

All you need to do register for your personalized 90 minute Inspection & Breakthrough session is click on the order button below and then send me an email with “Breakthough” in the subject line. Include your contact information: name, address, phone numbers, email address, how you found me, and most convenient time for your session (I’m in the Central Time Zone).

For international clients, I recommend SKYPE. Then watch your inbox for scheduling information.

The fee is $495 for 90 minutes. This session is offered at a special introductory price. There is no obligation to continue although I am sure you will be inspired to.
If you’re ready to create a business breakthough, step into the Spotlight of Success, and we’ve not worked together yet, this could be the moment that changes your life forever.

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heart and soul guaranteeHeart and Soul Guarantee
I am confident you will receive a significant shift in consciousness in just a single breakthough session and this will also give us the opportunity to assess what is the next best step to take. If you do not see value, then your investment will be refunded.