Stop settling for work that sucks the life right out of you….

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What is My Purpose?
Find the Answers to These Questions Once and For All!

Be Who You Came To Be With Soul Purpose Coaching.

See if YOU are Ready to Discover Your Soul Purpose. Answer each question Yes or No.

  • I have often wondered “is this all there is to life?”
  • I feel there is something More inside of me wanting to come out to be seen and expressed.
  • I have pondered Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What is My Purpose?
  • I dread Monday mornings and live for the weekend
  • I have followed the traditional formula for success and still feel unfulfilled

If you answered YES to any of these questions, your inner self may be calling for a change in consciousness,
to wake up and rise to a life of Purpose and meaning.

Get the guidance you need to get on Your Path of Purpose.

Wherever you are in your readiness to Change place, I can assist you. My company Everyday Enlightenment has the books, resources, and coaching programs to help you at every level of career and life change.

My proprietary, custom-tailored, and experiential programs range from baby steps to radical transformation.

Discovering your life purpose takes a certain kind of person.
One who is ready, willing and very persistent.

I know this because from my years as a Professional Coach and Trainer, I have learned 3 things:
1. Most people suffer and experience stress due to their work situations
2. These same people have untapped potential and God-given gifts that they have not brought forth to share with
the world
3. A small percentage (less than 5%) will actually do anything about this—read a book, take a seminar, or get coaching to help them break free of their self-imposed prison.
That rare 5%— people like You—are who I work miracles with.

Just like a bird who has its special song.
You have a song that is in your soul that is longing to be sung and there are people who want to hear it!

Each of us has a gift to share, something that can only come through us and if we fail to bring it forth, it will be lost, not only to us, but to those who will benefit from it.

That is why with the SHIFT of consciousness that we are in, that everyone find their rightful work and learn to stay connected to the divine while pursuing our purpose.

Just Imagine… YOU Living the Life You Were Born To Live… What if you could finally find & live divine your life purpose? Being so enthusiastic about your life that you awaken each morning looking forward to another wonderful day excited about what lies ahead.

Deep in your heart, you just know what you were put on this earth to do. You know that your needs are taken care of, and enjoy a free flow of abundance in every aspect of life. You enjoy the feeling of “following your bliss” because you now know the next best step to take to fulfill your divine destiny.

Like me, you may be more interested in living your life outside of the BORING BOX (and yet maybe you still feel stuck there) and that is ok, I can help break you out of your self-made prison.

You may be like my client, Katherine who said this about our work together:

You have helped me to see my life’s work in a whole new context. Now I am realizing that my life rather than being unplanned and random, has actually been divinely orchestrated all along, and each step along my path preparing me in skills, knowledge and abilities for the next step. You have activated my soul light and now I am on fire with passion and purpose. I am forever grateful for the work we have done together!
—Katherine Mansfield, AUS

You may fear that it will be hard to discover….when my process can go very quickly.

Michelle was easy to work with and got results quickly. In just under 30 days (3 sessions), I discovered my list purpose and find out what to do to be truly happy. —Eric Collins, Washtington, D.C.

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Soul Purpose Coaching Program
I wanted to include everything I have used with my personal clients that has worked over the past 15 years. And since my soul coaching approach is speaking to your soul, you will receive access to several experiential exercises so you can get in touch with your soul’s wisdom: Discover Your Divine Life Purpose Meditation and my exclusive SOUL SONG meditation and a 75 minute teleseminar that you can listen to go again and again ($129 value)

You will also receive…..
An ecourse and audio course to break down the key points your are learning. In this client’s only ecourse, you will obtain access to the secrets of living life on and with purpose. The Discovering Your Life Purpose course will be delivered right into your inbox which will enable you to apply key concepts that you are learning from reading the book. This is also available in an audio version for easy learning. ($97 value)
Helpful diagrams and simple to understand processes like my exclusive soul visioning that explain how your journey to self-understanding actually works—15+ exercises/products to walk you step-by-step through the 6 stages of awakening to allowing.
The Soul Purpose Manifestation Merkabas, including I AM DIVINE, I AM LOVE, which has been specially infused with divine wisdom and power to help you clarify and claim your divine life purpose.
Receive 8 personalized Soul Purpose Coaching sessions with me, which in and of itself is life transforming, as I have a gift of “soul activation”–when we work together, you are going to get TURNED on, Tapped in,
and Lit UP!

Just say “YES” to Yourself! Say YES here Order Here

This program is exactly what you need to get in touch with your soul’s purpose and find lasting happiness and fulfillment. Much of what is included in this experiential program is intentionally designed to connect you with your subconscious. So when you simply listen to the audio ecourse or meditations, for instance, you will be subtly shifting and changing, uncovering deep insights that have been dormant, and as a result, you will easily begin creating a purpose-centered LIFE.

With this program, you will save yourself time, money, and stress by getting the right information in the right time vs investing thousands of dollars chasing the wrong dreams or even having to be coached for a lengthy period of time.

In fact, I have condensed what used to take me a year or longer into the most essential information that will
quantum leap you ahead on your path of Purpose.

Because of my 15+ years of experience, and more importantly, what has been given to me by the Divine to share with you, I have created the curriculum you need to get on your sacred path in record time. (Average of 90 days or LESS!)

ALL this for only $1297.00 (a 20% savings off of my regular coaching tuition) PLUS you receive the extra self-guided materials: teleseminar of how to Sing the song in your soul mp3, interactive and experiential Discover Your Divine Purpose ebook, two dynamic and soulful meditations, 11 session audio & ecourse for convenient learning, tons of experiential soul discovery exercises, and a divinely infused Manifestation Merkaba to call in your Purpose.

This is what you have been looking for to replace that feeling of “something is missing from my life and I don’t know what it is.”

You owe it to yourself to live the life of your dreams, and that begins with knowing your life purpose.
Let me help you get there. This is my honor and My Soul’s Purpose.

Shine On,
Bright Michelle

Michelle L. Casto
Your Soul Purpose Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Author, & Modern-Day Philosopher

Divine Life Purpose$1297.00
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Imagine, in just a few weeks, you will be on the way to living your soul purpose and destiny.

guarantee Invest In Yourself Now and Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor for a Lifetime.

You have my Reassuring Heart and Soul Guarantee—If you do not receive a shift in your awareness in the first 30 days (and you honestly do the program), your investment will be refunded.

You have a song that’s yours, it’s a worthwhile song. It might only be a little song,
but there are people who will like it. —Philip Toshido Sudo