Business Soul Coaching will empower you to be more of who you are by taking a stand for something important, build a powerful platform, and achieve more success and recognition in your career field.

Soul Business Coaching has been created for people like you who are the messengers of the world.

Become a Shining Star
Your Message is Big.
Be Bright. Be Bold. Be Forthright.

Become One Who SHINES:

shine like the star you areSoul-Centered, Holistic, Inspirational, Nurturing, Energy, Shares

Imagine a Business That is Purposeful, Prosperous, and Changes the World….

You don’t have to imagine because you already possess the power within to make any dream that lives in your heart, a reality.

When you are a Master, there is no distinction between your working/playing.

You will work well with Bright Michelle if you resonate with these statements:
I have a soul purpose and it wants to be expressed through my business
My business practices need to be in alignment with my personal values and beliefs in order for them to work
I have a business that happens to be managed virtually
Success comes from working with a team that I trust
I have done a lot of inner work and am ready to attract amazing results
I want my customers to feel like they belong
Relationship building is a cornerstone of my business approach
I have gone as far as I can go on my own and am ready for something down to earth that really works.

I believe that there are 3 main reasons that people struggle with their online businesses.

  1. They are not working from their true purpose. This again goes back to building your personal foundation and where I have over 10 years of experience. I will help you find your true path to passion and purpose.
  2. They are not treating their online business like a true business. Even though you can get a virtual business up and running in record time and with fewer resources, you still need a clear vision and a plan to get there. Because of my many years doing extensive research on product creation, product distribution, building a brand, marketing, web site development, joint ventures, and now social media, I know the short-cuts to success.
  3. They become overwhelmed and confused by the technology of putting up a website, taking orders, autoresponders, web hosting, etc. A major piece to this is knowing the tried and true, and so with the extensive Recommened Resource Rolodex that you get with this program, you will cut your learning curve by 75% or more.

Who Will Benefit from the Virtual Business Brilliance Mentoring Programs

  • You’ve been online for at least 3 months (recommended)
  • You know you’re capable of earning more money
  • You want to harness the power of the internet to transform your life and business
  • You’re overwhelmed with everything you think you have to do
  • You need a clear vision or strategic plan
  • You have doubts and fears that keep on holding you back
  • You’re overwhelmed with the technical aspects of your online business
  • You’re frustrated because no matter how hard you work, you’re not getting the rewards you deserve
  • You’re just not productive; you never seem to have enough time
  • You’re tired and drained from working, and nearing burn-out
  • Building your business feels like a struggle

Stop Struggling, Start Shining, like these two clients:
Michelle taught me something so simple that once I understood it, how I was experiencing my business was completely transformed . I went from frazzled and frustrated to enlightened and empowered in our first coaching session. And then went on to increase my results in conversions and sales exponentially.”
Misty Burg, Online Business Owner, Louisville, KY

“I have known having a business plan is a smart idea, however, I was unsure what it was supposed to look like and never seemed to find the time. Since being online for about 6 months, I have been overwhelmed and confused, so the process that Ann and Michelle created made it much easier to understand what I need to focus on first. Now that I have my own blueprint, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
Darlene Hickman, Seabrook, TX

Learn how to:

-Release unconscious blocks to your success

-Stop compartmentalizing your personal life and your professional life

-Stop trying to fit in because you were born to Stand Out

Start Shining…

-Attract success with ease and grace with an updated P.O.S. (personal operating system)

-Market from your heart and soul

-Step into the spotlight by bringing forth what is within you through your purpose-driven business.

I Am Bright Michelle and I want to help you align your inner self with what you love to do, so that who you are is also what you do. There is no separation necessary between you & what you LOVE to do. And now, you can build a business from that sacred space.

Through divinely inspired processes, I empower you to integrate conflicting energies within you and then reconnect with the wisdom of your own SOUL so you can share your message of wisdom with the world.

When building a business, many emotional and mental energies can become activated. So it’s important that you have access to the right information, at the right time, and be supported through your personal growth process (with the right person). Someone who has your best interests at heart.

Intuitive, Soul-Centered, Experiential Coaching to Empower You to Build the Business of Your Dreams
If you are ready to step forward, release what is holding you back, and create a master blueprint for success for your virtual business, then you are in the right place.

The great news is that building and branding your virtual business is easier than you think. You made it this far, why not take the next step?

2 Business Success Tracts:

Personal Foundation Mentoring for the New Soul Entrepreneur
Build a Strong Personal Foundation and Cultivate a Soul Success Mindset Activation Guide combined with personal mentoring includes all of what you will need to know to make a successful transition to being self-employed online. A major focus will be on building a foundation that takes into account your personal values, vision, purpose, personality, influence, intuition, and stress management skills, as well as developing a mindset for success.

→→This program includes 2 ebooks: Build a Stong Personal Foundation, Cultivate a Soul Success Mindset Activation Guides, Are You a Soul Entrepreneur Assessment, and 4 personal mentoring sessions $995


Virtual Business Brilliance Mentoring Program
The Virtual Business Brilliance Assessment and Action plan & Personal Mentoring program includes a 75+ page step-by-step instructional guide that will give you a smart business building strategy that is easy-to-follow. This quantum business building system will provide valuable clarity, focus and direction. You will know exactly what to do to improve your marketing, technology, and business systems to provide maximum result from minimum effort.

→→This business building program includes 8 personal mentoring sessions, and all of my virtual business success tools (10+)— most of what you see on this page! The VBB SYSTEM (Save Your Self Time, Energy, Money) is my entire success process & profit building resources. $3395

Click here to learn about the Business Brilliance Blueprint Success System