Destiny Mentoring for Your Life & Business

Michelle Casto, “The Destiny Diva, Purpose Guide & Energy Aligner ” will inspire you to live your Greatest Life!

All people have a divine destiny.
Not all people are willing to do the work to discover that destiny.

You can be different. You can Choose to Discover Your Destiny and LIVE IT Fully and Deeply.


Destiny is an energy greater than yourself and transforms who you are by default into who you were born to be by DESIGN.

The following programs will accelerate your path. Whehter you choose to work with me in a group or one-on-one basis, you will become Master of Your Destiny.

Personal Mentoring:
Align With My Destiny is for the person ready to discover and live their soul purpose. Many people long to know who they really are, what they came to do, and wonder how to actually make their dreams come true. At this level of coaching, we delve deep into the Discover Your Destiny Process and empower you to move into inspired action. This soul coaching program includes a ton of my best material collected from a decade of professional experience from helping people all over the world identify their true path in life.

My Business Destiny empowers you to turn your soul’s calling into a purposeful and profitable business. This level of coaching is for “free spirits who want to succeed on their own terms, without selling their soul.” It is ideal for new or established Online Business Owners ready to take a stand for what they believe in and step into the spotlight of SUCCESS. There are two Individual business tracts: Personal Foundation Mentoring for the New Soul Entrepreneur and Destined to Succeed Mentoring for the Established Soul Entrepreneur

Mentoring in the Moment:
Many times you need an instant energy shift and clarity/confidence boost, these one time sessions will give you the inspiration you need to effectively move ahead in the right direction.

Destiny Activation Session

Business Inspection & Breakthrough Session

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