Ideal Clients are people who are ready to SHINE!

My ideal clients have followed the traditional formula for life success and may be left feeling “is this all there is?

Is this you?

-Have you looked everywhere outside of yourself for happiness and still feel like something important is missing?

-Are ready to let go of the life/work you have outgrown to step into you purpose and destiny.

-Are self-aware and intelligent, but may not be honoring who you know yourself to be.

-Have “trust issues” in yourself, others, and the universe.

-Experience resistance when you think about making changes.

-Suffer from self-doubt.

So did all of all most of my other clients! (And me too for many years of my life).

So what I do is walk with you through a personalized personal growth process that allows you to shed the layers of your limited self so you can access the power and presence of your Greatest Self.

You will begin to know, honor, and love yourself at a deep level, expand your ability to trust, and overcome resistance and fear with Faith and confidence.

From that place of inner knowing and power, begin to shine in your unique Brilliance.

Who I Work Best With
My Ideal Clients Are: Open-minded, on a spiritual path, heart-centered, self-aware, interested in personal growth, willing to commit to a process (6-8 months), action-oriented, want to discover their life purpose, know that the world can be improved, willing to make life changes, and interested in contributing their unique gifts, talents and voice to the Universe (which means one song)

Destiny Coaching activates you to find the something more your soul is longing for. Together, we craft compelling vision and purpose statements, set soul goals, align with a higher power, take inspired actions, eliminate limiting beliefs, master emotions, achieve “soul success” and Much More!
Coaching with me is 100% confidential and life-changing.

There are 4 ways we can work together:
1. You can start with a book or ebook to educate yourself in life transformation and living a life of purpose & destiny

2. Become a member of the Destined For Greatness Tribe and study from home

3. You can enroll in the group coaching program for newly awakened souls, Destiny Academy

4. We can work together in a personal soul coaching program that is individualized and customized just for you and your spiritual growth.

Are You Ready? Let’s Go!

I have been gifted with the Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed) that will allow you progress to a higher state of consciousness from our work together. My clients report greater clarity, self-awareness, self-assurance, purpose, and power.

Take a Destiny Success Test to discover if you too could benefit from my services.

Or start with a soul activation session to quantum leap ahead in your life.