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You are Destined for Greatness AND you have to do something different than what you are already doing to Be TRULY Great…..

Early Bird Enrollment begins December 20, 2010 for Jan-June 2011 6 Month Home Study Program

Hello Beautiful Soul,
What is on your list of intentions for next year?More money, less stress,
a new love, starting a business, taking a trip abroad, increased confidence, better fitness, an exotic vacation, a more powerful connection with SPIRIT?

Anything is possible in this accelerated shift of consciousness we are in. The more clear of a channel you are, the faster the manifesting process will be. This is the program to help you develop the mindset for success and release what is holding you back.

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Take a Journey With Me in 2011…to succeed with ease between now and 2012

Study at Home and receive 24 x7 access to Support, Coaching, and Connection
The Destined For Greatness Community was created for people ready to step on the path of their destiny. This is our entry level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to me and my teachings at a very affordable rate – just $22 a month!
(Yes, you read that correct!)

With the revolution of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, more interactivity is the order of the day.
This suits me perfectly, as I have always felt a call to lead a “soul tribe” of enlightened people to their divine destiny.

One of my highest values is enjoying close and mutually beneficial relationships, and it is time my business, Everyday Enlightenment, reflect this value.

So, creating a Destined For Greatness community is something that is a natural evolution of my own soul’s journey into embodying more passion, purpose, presence and power.

Positive Personal Change=More Fulfillment

It’s Like Having a Coach on Call 24 x 7
This is the program for those of you ready and willing to be “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

The great news is that for those ready and willing to learn who you are and why you are here, you are getting a massive upgrade and improvement in our relationship!
Because the audios, ecourses, articles, books, and program have been created by me, it will be like having me as your personal coach for the next 6 months for a next-to-nothing investment!

And you can have access to these enlightening materials 24×7—learn about how to master your success mindset, bringing balance to your life, how to discover your life purpose, and tons of spiritual tools and resources that I personally used to maintain a strong and vibrant connection with the divine, and basically information and inspiration that helps you to access and honor your Greatest Self.

You see, I want to serve as many of you as possible and empower you to create a life that reflects who you are on the inside—-one full of fun, freedom, and fulfillment.

Benefits of this Home Study Program:

Benefit 1
24 x7 Access to E-learning
Valuable self-study resources, including 100′s of hours of audio podcasts, meditations, visualizations, and soul-coaching tools –A new resource every month of your membership. You will receive access to Michelle’s Shift Your Consciousness Teleseminars for FREE (others will pay $33 each time). There will be terrific surprises along the way like interviews with Destiny Masters and more!

Benefit 2
Year Subscription to The Enlightened Moment Ezine & Podcast
As a V.E.P. subscriber, you will receive via email my insider success tips, tools, and resources— on average I give away hundreds of dollars of resources and freebies every year. The Enlightened Moment podcast covers topics of relationships, career, stress, success, and spiritual development You can feed your soul at your leisure for an instant injection of inspiration! (These special insights and invitations will be for the Greatness tribe only) (Value of $197)

Benefit 3
Sell Everyday Enlightenment Eproducts For Commission
As part of your membership, you will have the unique opportunity to sell any or all of Bright Michelle’s 30+ eproducts as an affiliate in the Everyday Enlightenment Estore. Earn 50% passive income selling products that you already believe in and have used yourself. (you decide!)

Benefit 4
Heart Connection
As a Destined for Greatness member, you enjoy a chance to spend more personal time with me, and my inner circle of friends and colleagues who are making a positive difference in the world. Join me on Facebook and other social media to make heart-centered connections. (priceless)

Benefit 5
Personal Commitment
The commitment to your self that you mean business this year, and are tired of settling and want to start SHINING. The sheer choice of becoming committed to a program which enhances your involvement, will radically increase your success and happiness in Life. (priceless)

Benefit 6
Support and Accountability
The biggest reason is knowing that you have a qualified professional holding the space for you to succeed, who is literally there for you day and night, and even accessible to you on a more personal level. Knowing that you have to “check in” with someone on a regular basis, seems to make a huge difference in actually achieving the goals you set for yourself.

****The Gold Level includes the following extra benefits including personalized support
($499 value for $197)

Benefit 7
Mastermind With Michelle Mentoring Emails
Access to me during m-f where you can email with any question or concern and receive guidance—1 challenge per month. This benefit gives you email support coaching/mentoring to answer any questions you may have or share any wins you experience. (unlimited value)

Benefit 8
Monthly Group Coaching Clinic Calls
GOLD members will receive private dial in numbers to ask any question or be coached through any life challenge that may come up during the program. (Priceless)

Benefit 9
$50 Scholarship towards any Personal Destiny Mentoring program
If you have been waiting to work with me, then this extra benefit will give you money towards a personal coaching program. (good until 6/30/11)

Be Great Now!
To activate your membership in the Destined For Greatness Community, sign up below via our secure online registration form. You will be automatically charged the low price of $22 a month. If at any time, you would like to cancel, simply let us know via phone or email, and we will cease charges immediately.

Don’t wait any longer.
For only $22/month the Destined For Greatness Program will be the most value you’ve ever received for so little an investment–and one that can change your life. Click here to enroll for the monthly pay option.

Or for just a nominal amount more, why not go for the GOLD in life and receive more personalized support and group coaching.


"Michelle is a very knowledgable person about career and life changes. She leads you to finding your own inner self, true goals and meaning. I can highly recommend Michelle as one of the few who understands and cares very much for those she works with. I enjoy working with Michelle and recommend her to anyone seeking to find answers." ---Linda Lloyd, Madison, Wisconsin

“Working with Michelle really helped me to launch my business and take it to the next level. Her coaching enabled me to clarify my goals and smoothly transition from the corporate world. She provided me with the perspective and accountability that I needed to successfully begin my coaching practice. I would highly recommend Michelle's coaching!” ---April Mims, Dallas, Texas "After my corporate layoff, Michelle's intuitive and amazing guidance helped to put me on the path of my purpose, and now I am feeling happier than ever." ---Donna Sims, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Your point of Power is NOW. JOIN US.

My friend, YOU OWE it to Yourself, your family, your community and the world to get off the bench and get into the Game of Life and to play so everyone Wins.

Click here to pay $22 month by month

Gold Upgrade Special Offer (Receive all 6 months)
Bonuses! Life Mastery Audio Course
+ early access to the curiculum, personal email mentoring, and monthly Coaching Clinic calls. Early bird special price of $197

Standing for Your Greatness,
Michelle L. Casto
Your Soul Purpose Guide, Destiny Mentor, Author, and Spiritual Teacher

There is ZERO initiation fee, pay once and receive benefits for 6 entire months.

You deserve to live the life that is meant for you, your DESTINY.
This is the kind of support that you need to SUCCEED.

(Remember your membership is valid until 06/30/11)

Between knowing and doing there is a great gap.
Those who are willing to cross the gap find their greatness. —-Michelle L. Casto