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soul free Gain Clarity About Your Soul’s Path in 30 Minutes?
Yes, in just 30 minutes, I will help you recognize and reconnect with your essence so you can access the wisdom of your own soul and get headed in a more purposeful direction.

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Dear Beautiful Soul,

I am so glad to see you here today.
Perhaps life has taken a turn (you are experiencing a career change or just sense that ”something is missing” ) and you are feeling lost, confused, or unsure about the next best step to take.
This is when we find ourselves needing to reach out to other people to help us find our way again.

Having experienced many, many life changes and challenges myself, like moving around, marriage, divorce, starting and managing a business, and numerous health/wealth trials, I know what it is like to want to feel passionate, purposeful, and empowered and like life has Meaning.

Life is a great teacher—that is for sure, but it teaches only the teachable.

So I want to congratulate you for being open to trying something new, like Soul Coaching.
Soul Coaching is even more powerful than regular life coaching, because it gets to the heart of the matter very quickly.

See if we are meant to work together.

There are 4 things on which making a life change depends:

1.The right information
2. The right emotional support from someone who “has been there done that”

I have the first two covered….# 3 and # 4 are yours

3.Your willingness to be open to learning a better way
4. Your ability to take inspired action (in the moment)
***and all of this at the Right Time, which seems to be NOW.

Hear from my clients:

bios of past clients “My life has already changed profoundly since I had my soul activation. I’ve made a shift within myself that is irreversible.”
—Rachel Bird, Costa Mesa, CA

“I have learned how to stay in the present, manage my emotions, and make the wisest decision possible. I have been impressed with myself and how I handle the bumps
in the road of my life.”—Melanie Westergard, Professional Organizer, Minneapolis, MN

“Michelle has been my personal soul doctor, helping me see what was missing in my life and what would bring me happiness.” —Martha Smith, San Antonio, Texas

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So take action Now, because Now is your point of highest power.

All you need to do register for your no-obligation 30 minute session is click on the order button below and then send me an email with Activate Me! in the subject line. Include your contact information: name, address, phone numbers, email address, how you found me, and most convenient time for your session (I’m in the Central Time Zone). For international clients, I recommend SKYPE.

Then watch your inbox for scheduling information. Once the time is scheduled, we will be able to speak within 72 hours (on rare occasions, sometimes the same day, if you are anxious to get started).
The energy exchange is $95 for 30 minutes.

This session is offered at a special introductory price and will be applied to your first month of coaching if you decide to work with me as your coach. (There is no obligation to continue.)

Keep in mind, that I can often accurately diagnose what is standing in the way of you having the life you want in 30 minutes or less. So when appropriate, I act as a “Soul Doctor” and will offer you the SOUL RX that will put your life back on track. You can then choose what works best from some of my Destiny Mentoring options.

If you’re ready to break through to create a personal transformation in your life, get aligned with your heart’s desires, and we’ve not worked together yet, this could be the moment that changes your life forever.

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I look forward to our time together.
michelle casto, bright michelle

What I have come to know is that when you take a small step towards Destiny, Destiny comes running towards you. This small step may be what puts you on the path to authentic happiness.

Soul growth occurs outside the city of your comfort.
—Bright Michelle