Spiritual Mentoring for Real-World Results

Are you ready to consciously co-create a happy & successful reality?

With the divinely inspired Destiny Success Process you will be walked through the 4 stages of personal evolution: Awake – Shift- Shine- Succeed.

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Michelle will meet you where you are at and activate you to accelerated shifts in consciousness so you can easily and gracefully attract the lifestyle that satisfies your SOUL. And if you really want to “go for it”—decide to live your Destiny.

To create a truly Happy & Purposeful Life, you must answer 3 Questions:
Who am I ? Why am I here? How Can I help?

O nce answered, these insights empower you to chart a course for your unique version
of success and happiness.

****You may be just like my current and past clients who have followed the traditional formula for life success and have been left wondering: Is this all there is?

After our work together, they experience what I call, Soul Success and they then begin to happily co-create reality based on what is in their hearts.

Be Mentored
Michelle’s unique brand of coaching is soul-centered, intuitive, and experiential, with the intention of your personal empowerment and enlightenment. You will learn how to make life changes with ease, develop a strong relationship with yourself & the Divine, know your soul purpose, and build a business that allows you to express who you are authentically.

There are a variety of Destiny Mentoring programs to choose from, each focused on your unique life or business transformation. All personal coaching is conducted via telephone or Skype, unless special arrangements have been made to meet in person.

Whether you choose self-study, individual or group formats, you will become Master of your Destiny.

With Michelle Casto as your personal guide, you will go on a journey of a lifetime, one full of self-discovery and empowerment that allows you to fulfill your soul’s calling.

A few of the outcomes you can expect :

-Discover and live your soul’s purpose

-Learn to manage your mental and emotional energy

-Step into the spotlight and become the known expert in your field

-Grow your soul-centered business while sharing your gifts and talents

-Learn to know, honor, and love yourself deeply and completely

-Align your soul with your personality to be effective in all that you do

-Manage your mental and emotional energy so you feel and look radiant and confident

-Practical ways to manifest your insights, ideas, and dreams in your life

-Create a unified life where work & play are in harmony

-Shine like the bright light that you are

“Want help discovering your Destiny? I recommend Michelle Casto to help you dig deeper into who you are and let go of your story of what’s been holding you back. She is one of the most empowering Spiritual Coaches on the planet.
—Elizabeth Grant, Songwriter and Spiritual Mentor



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To discover your destiny is to discover the secret of your own life.
—Bright Michelle