Michelle Casto is available for interviews via phone, email and in person.

Platform: A World of People Fulfilling their Purpose and Living Their Destiny

Expertise: Being a Change Agent, Higher Consciousness, Shift of the Ages, Personal Transformation, Life/Soul Purpose, Ideal Career Path, Building a Business From Soul’s Calling, Making Smart Life and Career Changes, Living a Life of Destiny and Purpose.

Books: The Get Smart! series of books, The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, Career Ecstacy: Find Work You Love and Get Paid What You Are Worth, Destined For Love: A Step by Step Guide to Attracting Your Soul Mate plus 30+ life empowerment books and products

Michelle has appeared in and on various publications, radio and television news programs. Her books, ebooks, products and programs have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people. She has a strong record of developing positive relationships with producers, editors, hosts and interviewers.

She is currently scheduling for 2013 speaking engagements, interviews, or guest “spots.”

Bio: Michelle L. Casto, aka “Bright Michelle “is in the business of “soul care” using insight, intuition, intelligence, practical spirituality, and self-mastery psychology to help transform the lives of people in all walks of life.

She is a professional Life Coach, Inspirational Teacher, Self-Help Author, & Shift of Consciousness Visionary who sees a world of people living their purpose and Destiny.

Michelle’s reach extends beyond her personal client base, touching and inspiring thousands of spiritual seekers who have benefited from her practical, down-to-earth message. She has hundreds of educational articles on the internet, led seminars across the United States , and given numerous radio and television interviews.

Michelle offers free resources, 30+ life changing products, and life/business coaching for people who are ready and willing to upgrade their P.O.S. (personal operating system), master their emotions, find spiritual meaning, discover their soul purpose, and achieve more success and happiness in their personal and professional lives.

Michelle Casto developed a unique Destiny Success Process of Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed, and is reknown for her breadth of knowledge in the field of human potential and personal evolution. Her multi-media training program SoulPurposeAccelerator.com has awakened thousands to their purpose in life. Her main site BrightLightCoach.com covers all aspects of practical spirituality, and her blog LiveYourDivineDestiny.com empowers people to discover their unique path to success and Destiny. Her words of wisdom are spread throughout the internet and across the world, just do a search for her name. Find all of her books on Amazon.

You can find her on social media as “Bright Michelle” and virtually:

Main site: http://www.BrightLightCoach.com

The Destiny Discovery book:

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