How I Became a Coach and Where I am Today

“A qualified coach helps you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be by empowering you to learn about who you are, what you really want, and supporting you in your individual personal growth process.”

Becoming a coach was a natural evolution for me. Most of my past life and work experiences have been related to educating and empowering people.

I can even remember back to childhood when I would naturally take the lead, showing my friends and family all of the possibilities in life. Back then, I may have come across as “bossy.” Luckily, I have evolved from advice-giving to truth-finding. By doing my own “inner work,” I have become ready to assist others on their journey to passion, purpose, possibility and prosperity.

Over 12 years ago, I discovered the field of coaching and immediately fell in LOVE. I knew it was my calling and one of my core purposes because it allowed me to help people see and own their Personal Truth and carve out a path that was right for them at the Soul level.

Nowadays, I realize that people already know the right thing to do, they just need help accessing their own answers. That is the magical thing about coaching, I get to assist you to remember (and act on) what is important. Together, with me as your light, and you as the direction, the important issues and the right path will unfold.

There is more to the WHOLE story here, including how I survived a near drowning incident, totaled car crash, divorce, and financial challenges during my “life coach training.”

Where Am I Today?

-Living a life of intentional design.
-I am an inspirational teacher, thought-provoking writer (
blog), and transformational coach.
-I work from home, do work that I love and strive to make a difference in the world.
-I have a wonderful relationship with my significant other, soul mated friendships, a wonderful dog, Briosa, a thriving business that allows me to express all of who I am, and excitement about the future.
-My own personal transformation continues as I receive healing, teaching, and personal growth from my own mentors

I believe it is important that your coach be living in alignment with their vision, how else can they be of benefit to you?

My coaching practice is about raising people’s consciousness. I do this by helping you become intentional creators. Being crystal clear about what you want makes it much easier for you to claim it. I strongly believe that our thoughts create emotions, which creates motion. So, if you want to change your life, change your mind.

To help clients find and stay on the right path, I use a combination of intelligence and intuition to empower them to raise their self-awareness, use active reflection, listen to their intuition, and reconnect with Source.

I strive to live out my professional life purpose by empowering people to live with passion, purpose, and possibility. As the author over 30+ books and ebooks, I have studied WHAT WORKS in the field of Personal Development & Transformation and also have first-hand experience of what it is like to pursue your wildest dreams while overcoming major life challenges and adversities.

The biggest breakthrough for me, though, was finally learning who I really was and the depth of my power, presence and brilliance.

No one really told me that while growing up and for some reason, this was a hard lesson for me to get. From what I have seen, many of us struggle with accepting this about ourselves. (If interested in the details of my own awakening, and re-awakenings, read my personal story.)

I have an innate ability to take complicated ideas and make them simple to understand in my writing, teaching, and coaching. So as a lifelong student, I hold numerous “official” degrees, most notably a PhD. in Life Coaching where I extensively studied and researched the Science of Success and how Coaching positively impacts success and happiness.

However, that is not what makes me a great coach—that you cannot really teach.
Being a great coach, like being a leader, must be LEARNED. It requires listening between the words, sharing intuitive hits, challenging your comfort zone, all for your greater good.

I have been gifted with the Destiny Success Process so when I work with you, I am actually coaching the part of you that Knows and that is Ready to Step Forward to be Fully Expressed.

My professional career has included administrative and teaching positions in higher education, free-lance writing, and leading seminars on the topics of romantic relationships, career development/life purpose, gender communication, spirituality, stress management, and most recently, building a successful online business.

Since founding my company in 1997, I have been teaching others how to fulfill their divine destiny and to be big, bright, beautiful stars.

I hope you feel that you know me a little better and I really look forward knowing you and serving as a catalyst for your personal transformation via Soul Coaching.

p.s. I have been online since the beginning, so you can trust that I am going to be waiting for you when you become ready and willing to make a positive life change in your consciousness and Life.